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Freya’s primary product is the Aeroframe, a cutting-edge aeroponic cultivation system designed to maximize yield and efficiency in controlled environment agriculture. Our Aeroframe system utilizes advanced ultrasonic E-nozzles for precise and efficient irrigation, making it ideal for various crops. Additionally, we offer FreyaOS, a powerful operating system that provides real-time analytics and control over your cultivation processes.

Yes, aeroponic irrigation is suitable for a wide variety of crops. The Aeroframe system is highly adaptable and can support the growth of various plants by providing optimal nutrient and water delivery directly to the roots, ensuring healthier and faster-growing crops.

Yes, Freya’s technology, including the Aeroframe system components and its advanced ultrasonic E-nozzles, is patented (patent-pending). Our innovations are protected to ensure we continue to lead in the development of efficient and sustainable agricultural technologies.

FreyaOS tracks a comprehensive range of plant data, including growth rates, nutrient uptake, and environmental conditions. This data is crucial for optimizing irrigation schedules, improving plant health, and maximizing yields. By monitoring these parameters, we ensure that plants receive the precise care they need for optimal growth.

Living lettuce systems are currently under development. To learn more about this product line, please reach out to [email protected].

Yes, we can retrofit only a part of the greenhouse with the Aeroframe system. This flexibility allows growers to gradually integrate our technology and evaluate its benefits before committing to a full-scale implementation, ensuring a seamless transition and minimal disruption.

The Aeroframe system is designed to be low maintenance. Our advanced ultrasonic E-nozzles are uncloggable and require minimal upkeep, while the integrated FreyaOS provides predictive maintenance alerts to ensure smooth and continuous operation.

The Aeroframe is strategically angled to optimize natural light penetration, ensuring that plants receive adequate sunlight for photosynthesis. In retrofitted greenhouses, we adjust placement for maximum sun exposure, while turnkey projects benefit from optimal design during the planning phase.

Yes, we offer artificial lighting solutions for the Aeroframe. We work with leading lighting partners to provide effective and energy-efficient LED lighting systems that are cost-competitive with traditional top lights, ensuring optimal light conditions for plant growth regardless of natural sunlight availability.

The Aeroframe utilizes advanced aeroponic technology, delivering water directly to plant roots as a fine mist through ultrasonic E-nozzles. This method reduces water consumption by up to 95% compared to traditional soil-based systems and allows for precise control, minimizing waste and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Yes, the Aeroframe system is highly adaptable and can be customized to fit greenhouses of various sizes. Whether you have a small urban setup or a large commercial operation, the Aeroframe can be tailored to meet your specific needs, maximizing space utilization and productivity.

The Aeroframe promotes sustainability by drastically reducing water and nutrient waste through precise aeroponic irrigation. Its efficient use of resources, combined with the ability to recycle water, minimizes environmental impact and supports sustainable farming practices. Additionally, the Aeroframe’s modular design allows for scalable, eco-friendly agricultural production.

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