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Freya Cultivation Systems is an AgTech pioneer based in Lithuania, committed to transforming the landscape of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Founded in 2019 by a dynamic team of young scientists, Freya has quickly established itself as a leader in precision irrigation technology, with a focus on creating sustainable, high-yield solutions for the modern greenhouse industry.

The Beginning

The Freya journey began in 2018 when Gediminas Kudirka, then a biochemistry student (current CSO), got together with some friends and started experimenting with mist-based irrigation in a make-shift indoor testbed.

The Realization

Initial results with aeroponic irrigation were highly promising, but the team quickly realized that there are no reliable, scalable mist-based irrigation technologies. The team shifted from indoor cultivation to deeptech R&D and founded the Company.

The Technology

In 2020, Freya’s team developed and tested multiple ultrasonic technologies. This process led to discovering a new way to produce aeroponic mist – without clogs, without pressure pumps, and with significantly less energy than closest alternatives.

The e-Nozzles

The new technology turned into new products – ultrasonic e-nozzles used to retrofit hydroponic installations. The team conducted hundreds of irrigation experiments on lettuce alone – and figured out unique ways to increase yield through aeroponic irrigation alone.

Some of our e-nozzles are currently being tested by a space agency in Europe for applications in Lower Earth Orbit.

The Aeroframe

The Team long-knew of multiple industry attempts to build A-Frame structures with aeroponic irrigation. However, the industry faced one massive hurdle – they used pressure nozzles, which severely limited the operational scale of such structures.

Freya therefore developed mobile ultrasonic irrigators that travel and effortlessly irrigate three-dimensional structures. Early prototyping proved extremely promising yields – and the team went all-in on this system.

Meet the leadership team


Lukas is Freya’s CEO and works very closely with the product development team.

Lukas joined Freya at an early stage and helped build up the team from an early prototype stage to a full agtech systems development company. Lukas is a serial entrepreneur who has interests in retail and property development sectors.

Lukas has a BA in Law & International Relations from Coventry University and MSc International Real Estate from University College London.


Gediminas is Freya’s CSO and is in charge of all plant research activities.

Gediminas has a PhD in Agronomy, with a focus on plant mineral nutrition in CEA.

Gediminas founded Freya in 2019, after having conducted aerosol nutrition experiments as part of his Biochemistry degree. Since establishing the Company, he has led the team to research and develop precision irrigation and aerosol scanning tools.


Vilmantas is Freya’s CTO and is a deeply experienced ultrasonic and agricultural engineer.

Vilmantas is a co-founder as he joined Gediminas on a mission to find new ways to irrigate plants aeroponically, without the use of pressure-pumps or dry fog generators. Vilmantas previously worked in the agricultural industry, with a focus on systems engineering.


Ignas is the Operations Manager at Freya Cultivation Systems, overseeing R&D and production processes. With extensive experience in managing teams and creating processes in the construction industry, Ignas ensures operational efficiency and quality. His background includes roles in team leadership, project management, and client services, making him a vital asset to the Freya team.

Ignas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Finance.

Our Core Values

Our culture is built around four key attributes that differentiate us from our competition.

Obsessed with Aeroponics

We are intensely obsessed with aeroponics, recognizing it as the most efficient irrigation method available. Our commitment to this methodology drives us to continuously innovate and improve its application in greenhouse environments.

Focused on Next-Gen Technology

We are focused on advancing greenhouse irrigation technology, a field that has stagnated for too long. By developing and integrating cutting-edge solutions, we aim to revolutionize the industry and set new standards for efficiency and effectiveness.

Aimed at Improving Existing Facilities

We strive to retrofit existing greenhouses and help build new, more effective facilities. Our goal is to enhance productivity and sustainability by implementing our advanced systems in both new and established operations.

Unified in Desire to Outperform

Combining technology and aeroponics, we are driven to improve yields, profitability, and overall performance. Our unified focus on excellence ensures that we consistently deliver superior results for our partners and clients.

Pilot the Aeroframe

Discover the new level of productivity our cutting-edge Aeroframe platform. Explore piloting the Aeroframe to and evaluate its potential for retrofitting your existing facilities. Click here to start transforming your cultivation practices today!

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