Evaluate the Aeroframe in a Pilot Program

Discover the Future of Sustainable Agriculture: Pilot the Aeroframe System

Freya Cultivation Systems invites you to pilot our revolutionary Aeroframe technology and experience firsthand how it can transform your agricultural operations. Piloting the Aeroframe system is an excellent way to evaluate its performance and suitability for your specific needs, ensuring that you make an informed decision before committing to a large-scale investment.

Why Pilot the Aeroframe System?

Evaluate Performance

Piloting allows you to see the AEROFRAME in action, assessing its impact on yield, resource efficiency, and overall productivity.

Assess Suitability

Determine how well the system integrates with your existing workflow and operations, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum compatibility.

Make Informed Decisions

Conduct a scaled evaluation to gather critical data and insights, helping you make a confident investment decision.

How to Pilot: the Process

Learn how to engage in a pilot program by exploring our comprehensive steps: Intro, Discovery, Proposal and Contracting, Implementation, and Evaluation and Continuity.

1. Introduction

We begin with a comprehensive introductions – while you will introduce your operational situation and plans for growth, we will give you a deep-dive into the Aeroframe platform and its technologies.

2. Discovery


We will conduct a discovery exercise to understand your specific needs, goals, and current operations. This helps us tailor the pilot program to suit your unique requirements.

3. Proposal


We will present a customized proposal outlining the pilot project’s scope, timeline, and objectives. We will also propose concrete formulae for evaluating the proposed success criteria. Once agreed, we will formalize the partnership with a contract.

4. The Pilot


After the pilot agreement, we will deploy the Aeroframe at your facility and will deliver training on operations and maintenance. We ensure a smooth implementation process with minimal disruptions to your ongoing operations. Our team will support you either on-site or remotely throughout the entire process.

5. Next Steps

After the pilot period, we will evaluate the results together. You will receive detailed reports and analyses, helping you assess the system’s performance. If the pilot meets your expectations, we will discuss options for scaling up the Aeroframe system in your facilities.

Eligibility criteria

Please check the eligibility criteria to learn how Freya will prioritize pilot deployments

1. Target Crops

Our area of focus is on baby leaf lettuce, microgreens, herbs and strawberries. Reach out to check compatibility for adjacent cultures.

2. Focus Regions

Ensuring service and support is key, therefore we will prioritize engagements in Europe, Middle East, US and Canada.

3. Continuity

Our goal is to help growers who are in a position to scale operations by retrofitting their existing greenhouse or by developing a new project.

Scaled Evaluation Before Big Investment

Piloting provides a unique opportunity to conduct a scaled evaluation, allowing you to gather valuable data and insights without committing to a full-scale investment. This approach helps mitigate risks and ensures that the AEROFRAME system is the right fit for your agricultural needs.

Join us in pioneering the future of sustainable agriculture. Contact us today to learn more about piloting the AEROFRAME system and take the first step towards transforming your greenhouse operations.

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