Freya OS

The most powerful cultivation management platform for the most productive System

Freya Operating System

Unlock the full potential of your Aeroframe system with Freya OS, the cutting-edge operating software designed to optimize every aspect of your production operations. Freya OS is engineered to transform raw data into actionable insights, driving productivity, efficiency, and sustainability to new heights.

  • Maximize yield and efficiency with data-driven insights that enhance productivity.
  • Ensure seamless operations with predictive maintenance and comprehensive support.
  • Plan with confidence using advanced forecasting and real-time analytics.
  • Secure your operations and data with robust, proactive monitoring and protection.

Full Control

Take charge of your Aeroframe system with Freya OS, offering complete visibility and control over every aspect of your production operations. Customize irrigation strategies, monitor real-time data, and make informed decisions at light speed.

Predictive Maintenance

Prevent disruptions before they occur with Freya OS’s Predictive Maintenance. The system continuously monitors equipment health, providing timely alerts and maintenance recommendations to keep your operations running smoothly.

Autopilot Mode

Simplify your adaptive irrigation strategy management with Freya OS’s Autopilot mode. Automate routine tasks and let the system handle day-to-day decision-making, allowing you to focus on strategic growth while ensuring consistent performance.

Support, Manuals & Spares

Freya OS comes with comprehensive support, detailed manuals, and easy access to spare parts. Our expert team is always ready to assist, ensuring you have everything you need to maintain peak operational performance.

Focus on What Matters

With FreyaOS, gain complete facility-wide control and streamline your operations effortlessly. Personalized dashboards allow you to track productivity metrics and read detailed reports tailored to your needs. Stay ahead with timely updates, ensuring your system is always at peak performance.

FreyaOS empowers you to focus on what truly matters—optimizing your greenhouse operations and maximizing yields—by providing intuitive controls and comprehensive insights at your fingertips.

Dial in Your Irrigation

FreyaOS revolutionizes irrigation management with adaptive strategies tailored to the specific needs of your crops. Implement different irrigation parameters for younger and older plants, ensuring each receives optimal care.

Each AEROFRAME row can be managed with a separate irrigation strategy, allowing for maximized experimentation and fine-tuning. This precision irrigation system ensures your crops receive the exact amount of nutrients and water they need, promoting healthy growth and boosting productivity.

Observe the Root Zone

For the first time in history, gain unprecedented access to root information with FreyaOS’s live view camera. Observe the roots in real-time, allowing you to monitor their health and development closely. This groundbreaking feature provides valuable insights into root behavior and growth patterns, enabling you to make informed decisions and enhance overall plant health.

With FreyaOS, you have the power to see beneath the surface and understand your plants like never before.

Pilot the Aeroframe

Discover the new level of productivity our cutting-edge Aeroframe platform. Explore piloting the Aeroframe to and evaluate its potential for retrofitting your existing facilities. Click here to start transforming your cultivation practices today!

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