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how it works

Deployment options

Modernize an existing Greenhouse

Retrofitting an existing greenhouse allows you to almost double your productivity without building a new facility. You will be able to 2x your revenue, 3x your EBITDA – all while spending 40-60% less than building a new greenhouse. Phased installation is possible.

Deploy the Aeroframe in a new Greenhouse

Choosing the Aeroframe platform for your turnkey greenhouse is the most economically viable choice – you will produce your target output while using 40-50% less real estate, and will generate an EBITDA 50% higher than using any NFT system. Moreover, your time to market is reduced.


You already run a greenhouse and are looking for ways to improve productivity

If you are looking to upgrade your existing cultivation system and produce more in your existing greenhouse, the Aeroframe is for you.

The Aeroframe is designed to retrofit into existing greenhouses and help growers improve productivity up to 2x and profitability up to 3x. 


You are considering a significant investment in a brand new greenhouse project

If you are looking to develop a new project, you are considering what type of greenhouse and equipment you need to produce your target annual volume.

Because the Aeroframe can nearly double active cultivation area, you will need less greenhouse space and will enter the market faster.

You currently grow leafy greens, herbs or strawberries

The Aeroframe platform can support various crop types, with the most significant impacts in the microgreens, baby leaves, herbs and strawberries.

You are planning to grow leafy greens, herbs or strawberries

The Aeroframe platform can support various crop types, with the most significant impacts in the microgreens, baby leaves, herbs and strawberries.

You will dedicate at least 0.4 ha / 1 acre to the Aeroframe

Freya will engage in projects with +1 acre in size. However, before making a full-implementation decision, Freya will design, implement and run a pilot project in your facility and will showcase each part of the system, as well as its productivity capacity – read more here.

You will prioritize the most productive cultivation system

The Aeroframe is the most productive option on the market – and we are happy to prove it for your crop. Please reach out to us directly, or have your contractor contact our team and we will arrange a pilot deployment at your preferred location.

Benefits you will realize: retrofitting

Productivity: up to 2x plants per same area because of the three-dimensional Aeroframe structures

Profitability: up to 3x per same area, because increased plant count dilutes climate costs

Diversification: you can produce different crops during seasonal changes by simply changing plant boards

Automation: various levels of automation are available. Aeroframe plant boards are compatible with DWC automation tools.

Benefits you will realize: new projects

Lower upfront investment: because the Aeroframe is twice as productive as most industry solutions, you will require less space to produce your crops

Faster time to market: because you will need to build less space, you will enter the market faster

Higher profitability: because you will have less space, your climate controls will be lower on a per-plant basis, resulting in higher profit margins

Faster payback: lower upfront investment, combined with higher profitability, will bring your returns faster than any other system on the market

Example: Resources required to produce 1000 tonnes of greens

System type Area Need Labor Need System CAPEX Other CAPEX Profit margin Project Payback Suitable For Retrofitting
Fully Automated Aeroframe
0.8 Ha
4-5 Persons
<13 Years
Fully Automated NFT
1.2 Ha
5 - 6 Persons
~19 Years
Semi-Automated NFT
2 Ha
+20 Persons
+20 years
Semi-Automated Floating Rafts
3 Ha
+15 Persons

Example: Carbon footprint of a typical vs Aeroframe greenhouse

Emission Category Baseline Greenhouse (CO2 eq/kg) AEROFRAME Greenhouse (CO2 eq/kg) Commentary
CO2 emissions are up to halved due to a 50% reduction in greenhouse facility size.
Energy Use
Climate energy use is reduced by up to 50% due to the smaller area required to produce the required tonnage per year.
Fertilizer Use
A conservative 25% reduction in fertilizer-related CO2 emissions due to efficient usage.
Water Use
A conservative 25% reduction in water-related CO2 emissions due to recirculation and efficiency.
Substrate Use
Elimination of substrate-related emissions in the AEROFRAME is possible through the use of Solid-State Silicone Substrate by Kappa AgTech
Total CO2 Emissions
X/2 + Y/2 + 0.75Z + 0.75W + S*0
Significant CO2 footprint reduction in the AEROFRAME for producing 1kg of greens.

How we do it

At Freya Cultivation Systems, our approach begins with a thorough evaluation of your unique needs. We propose tailored options that accommodate varying levels of automation, ensuring each solution aligns perfectly with your operational goals.

Needs Evaluation: We start by understanding the specific requirements and challenges of your greenhouse operations. Our experts conduct comprehensive assessments to identify the best strategies for enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Customized Proposals: Based on our evaluation, we offer different options tailored to your needs. Whether you require basic automation or advanced systems, we provide solutions that optimize performance at every level.

Pilot Programs: To ensure the proposed solutions meet your expectations, we recommend piloting the AEROFRAME system. This allows for a scaled evaluation, giving you confidence in the technology before making a larger investment.

Implementation Strategies:

  • For Retrofits: We work closely with growers to seamlessly integrate our systems into existing greenhouses, minimizing disruptions while maximizing benefits. Our retrofit strategies are designed to enhance current operations with minimal downtime.
  • For New Projects: Collaborating with both growers and contractors, we provide comprehensive support throughout the construction and setup of new greenhouses. Our involvement ensures that every aspect of the project is optimized for peak efficiency and yield.

Ongoing Support and Optimization: Post-implementation, we continue to work with you to fine-tune the systems, providing ongoing support and maintenance. Our goal is to help you achieve sustained success through continuous improvement and adaptation.

Long-Term Partnership: We believe in building long-term, trusted relationships with our clients. By combining our technology and business expertise with exceptional care and communication, we ensure your greenhouse operations are always at the forefront of innovation.

At Freya, our single goal is to empower you to unleash the full potential of your greenhouse through the transformative power of our cutting-edge technology.

Pilot the Aeroframe

Discover the new level of productivity our cutting-edge Aeroframe platform. Explore piloting the Aeroframe to and evaluate its potential for retrofitting your existing facilities. Click here to start transforming your cultivation practices today!

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